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Trust in the school context, especially around the use of technology.

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Trusting technology to build relationships

Thanks to George Couros for this infographic.This infographic comes from George Couros, thePrincipal of Change.


BYOT – the missing ingredient

When a school has decided to introduce 1:1 technology or BYOT, the checklist goes something like this:

  •   curriculum implications considered
  •   budgeting done
  •   timeline planned
  •   infrastructure in place (server or cloud adequate for needs, wireless coverage, internet bandwidth)
  •   security policy thought out (passwords, registering devices)
  •   device chosen (if 1:1)
  •   teachers given professional development
  •   parents and students notified and ready…
  •   culture of trust established???

All of the items above require thought, research and action and all are necessary steps for schools about to embark on major change, technical or otherwise.  Establishing a culture of trust is a process that takes a lot of time – longer even than the time to develop a budget and have it approved, believe it or not.


Trust has the potential to exist on many levels in a school community – between

  • teachers and students,
  • teachers and parents,
  • teachers and teachers,
  • teachers and administrative staff (i.e. principals and deputy principals),
  • teachers and their employing body,
  • students and parents,
  • parents and administrative staff,
  • parents and parents,
  • students and administrative staff.

Its presence or absence can make a world of difference.

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