Trust in education

Trust in the school context, especially around the use of technology.

Trust Story 2 (Teacher-Parent)

The new P.E. teacher walked into the staff room and said something like, “Help yourself to some of this cake if you’d like some”.

The assembled teachers made polite responses like, “Oh, don’t you want to take it home?  Don’t you want to take any home?”

The P.E. teacher insisted that he didn’t want any of the cake and said, “Yeah, Hannah Cameron  gave it to me.  I don’t know why.”

The other teachers, many of whom had been at the school a long time and some of whom had taught Hannah or her sister, suddenly became more interested in the cake.

“Oh, Jane Cameron made that cake?  That’ll be a great cake.  She’s a fantastic cook.”

The P.E. teacher decided that he would take a couple of slices home after all.

Jane is a great cook and she shows her appreciation through her baking.  Her daughter, Hannah, is a talented athlete and Jane was probably showing her gratitude for the new life the new teacher was bringing to the school’s sporting program.

The teachers who knew Jane knew her as a supportive and contributing member of the school community and knew that she could be trusted to make a good cake.  The new teacher didn’t yet have enough experience of Jane to know whether to trust her or her cooking.  Trust takes time to grow and develop in all relationships.


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